Build new habits and do more

A habit tracker, a daily checklist, a happiness diary


Dynamica is an essential app that helps you structure your day, develop new habits, stay on track for a big goal and keep track of your feelings.

The idea is simple: every day we have a set of key routines and things to do, like working out, spending time with our children, reading, meditation, eating healthy and so on.

We know that these repetitive, often boring tasks and routines, make us better. But these things are so easy to skip and ignore! Dynamica helps you to stay on track.

Keeping track of routine tasks and your feelings daily is a very simple practice. But it really works!
Our life is made up of our habits. Good and bad. To change your life, you need to change your habits. Unfortunately it's not that easy.
Dynamica helps you to stay on track.


Make a list in the application
Make a list of your habits and routines to track your progress every day


Rate a day and record your feelings: stress, happiness, relationships
Rate a day in the application


Statistics in the application
Daily and monthly statistics. Easy to reveal skipped days.


Dark, Light and Color themes
Premium version goes with a pack of 3 themes. Pick the one you like.
Activate Face ID access
Add an extra layer of security if you list of habits is private.
Set up Reminders
Set up a specific time to be reminded of each habit on your list.

Live your best life

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